How To Configure DVR Server on Nvidia Shield TV?

Yes, it's a mix of fubotv and locast channels. I kind of figured that but thanks for clearing it up

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Hi. I also have toggled between using my Mac or my 2016 version Nvidia shield as a server. I added a 64gb SD card to the Shield for DVR memory. I used TVE everywhere (Fios is my cable provider). I found that the Shield server did well for everything, except football - NFL or college football, any channel, all for some reason had what i could best describe as a "video-game" like quality - just lacked sharpness compared to Tivo, which is what i was testing Channels against for a possible switch over. My wife doesn't even watch football and walked by and asked me "why does that look funny?". The Mac was better (although still not as good as Tivo on football.) I will be curious to learn about your experience.

Is the Shield your client as well when you experience this issue?

Yes, it is.