How To Configure DVR Server on Nvidia Shield TV?

I currently have my channel's DVR server configured on my iMac. I just got an Nvidia shield, and I have the channels DVR app running great but I just plugged in an SSD and installed the channels DVR server app on the shield. How do I configure the DVR Server app on my Shield with my sources, etc, so that I can remove the server on my iMac? Thank you

The only option I'm seeing on the shield DVR server app is to enable the DVR which I've done and it says it's enabled. I can copy my database onto the same SSD that I'll be using with the Shield. does it need to see the database in order to give me a restore option? I don't have any recordings saved so I don't care about the database other than configuring the sources, which I don't mind reconfiguring from scratch if that makes any sense.

There is a link shown on screen with an IP. Type that into a browser on another device to complete setup

I am typing in that exact IP address and port number it is telling me that it connected successfully but I'm still at the setup screen on the DVR app itself

When I click on okay that message goes away and I still see the same screen behind that message

For what it's worth my shield is hard-wired to ethernet. also I have not copied over the database from the iMac to the shield, thinking I could just set it up from scratch since I had no recordings. I hope this is helpful.

Visit that address from a web browser on your local network to finish setup, not from a Channels client app.

So I could visit it from a browser on my iMac which is hardwired to the same router that the Nvidia is, does that sound correct?


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So even though the DVR server app is on the shield going forward I will manage my server through any web browser on my local network? Thanks everybody so much for being patient and helping me. I'm currently setting up the server on my iPad everything is going well so far


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Everything is set up perfectly! Thank you so much guys. My only minor quip is that when I pick a live show to watch from the guide it takes about 5 to 10 seconds to load. Is there anything I could adjust or is that just to be expected?

The guide where? In the browser or back in the app now?

The guide in the app on the Nvidia Shield. when I click on a live show to watch it I get that spinning arrow for about 5 to 10 seconds before the show starts

What is the source of the show you are trying to watch? If it’s TVE it’s expected to take 5-10 seconds as the DVR has to establish a connection to the stream via the internet and buffer some before it begins to play. This would also apply to Locast.

HDHomeRun sources are typically much faster.

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