How to get Beta?

I'm really a Windows/Android person and no almost nothing about Apple, but I really want to try the new DOWNLOAD feature on an iPad I have.

I installed TestFlight, but it says I need a "Redeem Code".

What do I do from here?

Sorry for being so dense, but the documentation says I need an email invitation or a public link. I can find neither. Where do I get one of these?

The link is on that page: Join the Channels DVR Beta beta - TestFlight - Apple

You need to visit the link from an Apple device, so click on it while on the iPad.

That is the solution. I clicked on the link while on my desktop computer (Windows) and it looked like a valid page with lots of information, but no way to get to the right place.

Beta is now up and running on the iPad. I'm trying a download now. I was feeling very stupid when I could not make this work.

If you visit the link from a device other than an iPhone/iPad, right at the top of the page is an image with directions:

I still did not understand these directions. I guess I'm just dense. I did not understand that the link it was talking about only showed if you manually typed in the web page address from the Windows address bar into the iPad to bring up the same page with different options.

Install the testflight app on your iPad and visit the link ON YOUR iPad. Just tap it, don’t enter it. It will open testflight and follow instructions.