How to increase size of channel guide?


On AppleTV mine presents as about 2/3 of screen ... I can’t find a way to increase the size.


Which guide are you referring to? The one inside the player?


The guide that shows all the channels, tImes, etc on screen.


Can you post a photo?


Uh ... maybe I’m not explaining well.

AppleTV is my streamer - I have Channels as the app for my ota. I select the Channels app and the programming guide on screen that represents those channels my Silicon Dust box tunes are show.

Is the size adjustable? It is too small. It does not take up enough of the available screen.


What is too small? The text? The height? The width?


I just want to fill, as much as possible, recognizing aspect ratio differences, as much of my screen with the program guide.

I don’t want the summary at the top ... just the guide.

Not clear how to attach a photo, so, appreciate any advice.


There's currently no way to make the grid guide full width.


Would it be possible to make the grid guide episode boxes (cells) about 30% smaller on the iPad? It takes up too much space on the screen with too little information to see. I would like to be able to see more time as in 500pm - 9 or 10pm and also be able to see more than 7 rows on screen at a time. Too much empty space in each cell.Text is a good size though.

Also make the first cells with the channel number and icon slightly smaller in width as well. I think this would be more visually appealing as well as more functional.

Not sure if that code is tied to the iPhone version of the app or if they are separate. The episode cells in the iPhone app could be slightly smaller as well top to bottom. Just my 2 cents. Still love both apps and service!!! Will keep Channels forever! Far superior to my cable company's boxes and guide!