How to install already paid for Channels app on AppleTV 4K?

I have already paid for the Channels TV app at the $24.99 asking price awhile back when I first started experimenting with Channels, not knowing you didn't have to if you had a DVR subscription (Well there goes $25 I'll never get back, haha!).

Anyway, I would like to do like what I do on my Android TV box and load 2 separate Channels apps on my AppleTV 4K, one Channels DVR app and the other the paid one so I can access 2 different servers, one remote and one local and switch between them.

When I try to download the paid app, which as I said I already paid for previously, the Apple App Store tries to charge me another $24.99 to download it. I didn't buy this app initially in the Apple App Store. I got it from Channels or Android, can't remember which exactly.

Do I have to pay for this again through Apple, or is there a way to show I already paid for it and then download it onto my AppleTV 4K?

*In case anyone asks, No I can't switch between my local DVR Server and the remote one in the app already installed. I try to do that with the QR Code and after it authenticates me it just goes back to the local DVR and ignores my request to see the remote DVR. The only way I can do it is to delete the app, redownload it, and then point it to the remote DVR, then do the same in reverse for the local DVR if I want to watch that one.

The paid app is purchased separately on each store.

What you're trying to do is not going to work anyway. The tvOS apps share settings so you cannot have them pointing at separate servers. This works only on Android TV.

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Perfect and thank you for explaining, Aman!