How to Install Channels-DVR on OpenMediaVault(OMV) using GUI

Back in I think February I successfully installed the channels-dvr-tve docker in OMV GUI and it worked extreamly well but some of my needed channels were not streaming with tveverywhere. Now they are. Now I can't seem to get the docker image to install. It errors out when I try to start it. It doesn't look like the images have been updated on Docker Hub. I want to install this from inside the GUI not at the command line. I would also like to assign a User (PUID) and Group(GUID) like many dockers allow. Could you please update the docker and give me step instructions on how to do this?

Can you find and paste the exact error message?

I just figured the error out when I tried to recreate it. i was adding --net=host as an extra argument even though i had already selected Host in the pull down menu so it was saying something about double host.
Once I removed that line it started up and looks like it has updated to version 2020.03.27.1730.

Looks like I will have to restart my subscription to see if the channels are actually going to work now that they have been added to tveverywhere. Would be nice if it allowed us to set it up so we could see what channels it believes it can get and either prevent clients from using it or limit streams to 30 seconds or something.

Can I assign it to use a specific User and Group?

Could you give a little info on how you installed this in open media vault?
What GUI did you use? I am brand new to both open media vault and dockers but
I have installed a few using portainer after watching some youtube videos.


I am using OMV 4.1.35-1 not currently using portainer but should be very similar. Installed docker service. Then in docker service menu did search for fancybits/channels-dvr. At the time I added "tve" as a tag to make sure it pulled the version with tveverywhere support. I am not sure if this is still necessary or if you can just use the lastest. I then ran the image and set these settings Restart Policy="unless stopped"...Network Mode="Host"...set volume and bind mounts for /channels-dvr="location of app data" and /recordings="where you wish to store recordings". Save and run image
Give it some time to start up. Eventually you should be able to access it on your network using OMV address and port 8089. In my case it looks like this
I then click on the check for updates button and it should update it if needed. My shows it is running version 2020.03.27.1730 currently
Hope that helps

I would still like to be able to assign it User (PUID) and Group(GUID) to run under like many of the linuxserver dockers allow but i still don't know how to accomplish this. I am new to docker and don't know how to create an image with these variables

Thanks, I thought I had it running with using the Channels-DVR:latest docker yesterday but I couldn't get the web page to load, it did write some files to my drive locations I setup, maybe I just didn't wait long enough. I have really slow internet right now but a fiber connection is available at the street and will be available for ordering once this Covid-19 stuff clears out.

I tried using channels-dvr:tve and it never started so I figured I needed to try something different.

Thanks for the help.

Ok, I have the TVE docker up and running now, now that I know it works I have to order some more hard drives and I will switch Channels to my Open Media vault instead of running it on my under powered QNAP box.