How to install the Channels App on a Samsung TV?

I've tried to use the Samsung "marketplace" but alas Channels is not available. I've also tried to use the web browser to go to the Google Play store, and login, but that did not work.

I'll be trying to load the app onto an USB thumb drive, then trying to upload onto the TV.

My TV is: Samsung TV- 24” T24H310SND. There is a 1 Gig available so I think there is plenty of room.

Any ideas on how best to do this?

The Channels app is only available for Android TV and Apple TV

Thanks, How do you distinguish that my Samsung is not an Android TV? I can download other apps, such as Hulu, Amazon prime, Pandora etc, along with a host of other apps. I assumed it it's running Android. Was that a wrong assumption? Is it some sort of Samsung version of the Android OS? Thanks for any help. BTW, I do have HDHomerun working on it, but it's klugy, it shows up as a "source" then makes me choose Video, Audio or Pictures, then moves me to file folder looks for each channel stream. Thanks Again.

Samsung does not make Android TVs. They use their own OS called Tizen. We do not have an app for that OS.

Thank you, that's what I was trying to confirm. I appreciate your responsiveness, and really like the Channels App on my apple TV and DVR running on my Synology.

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