How to: on pause fade out the info box on bottom

I am using an Apple TV box. When I am watching a show and I hit the pause button, a small box appears on the bottom of the screen showing the info and timeline. I usually am hitting the pause button because I missed something in the dialog of the show. Unfortunately, if I am using CC or any type of text is on the screen, this box blocks the text on screen and will never eventually disappear. It stays on screen forever until I unpause. This makes it impossible to read the text displayed under this info box and that was the reason I hit pause in the first place.

Can an option be added to either turn off that box or an option to fade it out if paused for say 15-30 seconds so that I can read the text that is being blocked from me reading it?

If this option already exist, please inform me how to use it.

On Apple TV, tap the touch section of the remote to dismiss the timeline. On Android TV, press "UP" on the D-pad.

I have the Apple TV 3rd/4th Gen with the 6 button remote.
the top of the remote is a touch/mouse, under that is a "menu" and a "TV screen" button. Under those is are left side buttons "mic" "play/pause" and right side buttons for volume+/- Slim with black face and silver back.

When I touch either the touchpad or play/pause the TV pauses. After that when I touch either the touchpad or play the TV resumes play.

Either I dont know what buttons you are referring to or it does not work for me.

The current "Siri Remote" that ships with the Apple TV is aluminum. It has a D-pad up top, and below are Back, Play/Pause, Mute on the left, and Home, Volume Up, Volume Down in the right, and on the right side of the remote is the Mic/Siri button.

The center of the D-Pad is also a touch surface; by default if you simply tap the center of the D-pad it will bring up or dismiss the timeline. (This is a "tap" on the touch surface, not a physical press.)

When I touch the center of the touch area, it simply pauses or resumes for me.

The info box never disappears unless the video resumes play.

This is the Siri Remote I referenced:

Are we talking about the same thing?

Tap. Don't Push

OK, the key to this was to "not push" but "lightly touch".

Thank you for the explaination with a little more detail.

I've adjusted my TITLE to "How to:", and thank you again.

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Good to hear. The remote you are showing is the 1st generation Siri remote. Actually 1st Generation (Take 2) Siri Remote, since it has the white lip around the Menu button to make it easier to feel.