How to properly shutdown channels-dvr on MacOS

I have reason to believe the channesl-dvr server may be interfering with my shutdown process on my Mac (since installing it, the Mac hangs during shutdown).

Is there a sanctioned way to shutdown the channels-dvr server (via the command line?)? I can't kill the process via the command line since it seems to be set to keepalive (automatically respawning when killed).

Use launchctl. sudo launchctl list ought to get you a list of everything launchd knows about, then use sudo launchctl start|stop|restart … with the job_label that the DVR service has.

(Of course, that's assuming the macOS version of the server is managed by launchd—and if it isn't, why not?)

Yeah, not sure this is a valid assumption. When I did this, I see a whole bunch of processes, but I can't find one that is for channels-dvr.

launchctl stop

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Ah, turns out it was run in the User space and NOT in the root space, so no sudo needed, just need to run launchctl list and then launchctl start|stop|restart to handle it, thanks!

Would be interested to know if manually stopping the DVR lets your computer shutdown. I don't think our DVR would be causing the behavior you're describing.

And you are indeed correct, shutting down channels-dvr before attempting the restart did not mitigate the "hang on restart/shutdown" that I have been getting. It must have been coincidence that the problem started manifesting around the time of my purchasing channels-dvr.

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