How to re-detect commercials in movies

Hello everyone. I needed to move some of my recorded movies from one drive to another. When I did that and reimported them everything worked fine except the commercial detection in the movies. I found where to detect commercials in tv shows I moved, but I can’t find how to redetect commercials in movies.

Go to DVR manage and then imports you can redetect commercials from your web server.

Just a tip for the future to avoid the problem create an EDL alongside each recording That way you move the EDL along with the recording.


Thank you! That worked fine. I'll do the export the next time to save the trouble

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What is an EDL and how do I create one?

Dan Lewis

All You have to do is check EDL export on the Channels DVR webpage and when channels runs commercial detection it will create the edl... an edl contains the commercial time lines.