How to record with Apple TV

I can see the Guide and choose shows to watch, but I not have a the gear icon. I can not record anything.

Server is a Synology NAS which has Channels DVR app version 1.0.4. Apple TV app is version 3.2.35. HDHomeRun QUATRO.

What am I missing?

Thanks, James.

Sounds like guide data is not configured correctly on your dvr. Are you using a hdhomerun?

Really? In the Android TV and Fire TV versions the difference is the DVR version requires a DVR subscription, will work only if you have a DVR subscription, and is free. The Live version will work either stand-alone or with the DVR and costs... $25?

Are you using a hdhomerun?

Yes, HDHomeRun QUATRO.

Open the DVR web UI on your NAS. Under your HDHR, you will need to click the Trash icon, then enter your zipcode and select "Local Broadcast" option. Once guide data appears on the web UI, the app will use that guide data and give you the record option on your TV.

Ah, maybe this is the problem, I don't think mine has DVR in the name. Will try that one (I think mine is 'Channels - Live TV')

It doesn't matter which app you use.

OK, must be the guide then? I'm in Australia, so using the XMLTV EPG option you added on 23 December last year. Probably using the one, can't remember. I have and IceTV subscription from when I used EyeTV, so will try that.

OK, went to the Channels DVR web interface and deleted the DVR setting in the Source section under HDHomeRun QUATRO (xxxxx). Then added the Custom URL from my IceTV subscription.

No change as far as I can tell - to gear icon to record anywhere.

Can you record from the web UI?

I think you need the beta app on your TV because XMLTV is still in beta. Get it from

No. No guide info appears on the web, just the channels.

Will try the beta.

Please confirm you are paying the $8 month/$80 year for the dvr service and you have the dvr server running on a compatible device.

Yes, have paid for the Channels Plus subscription.

Channels DVR Server is on my Synology NAS. Can't see how to upgrade this to beta.

Can you take a photo of you DVR WebUI?

You long press the update button.

You will have to download the Channels DVR app for HDHomerun. There are two Channels DVR apps to choose from.

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