How to select unwatched shows

how do you filter the unwatched shows on the client. to show just the unwatched shows or movies, instead of scrolling through all of your movies to find the unwatched movie.

Which client?

fire tv

Unwatched shows will show up in Library > Up next

For movies, you could make a smart collection on the server which filters watched=false and send it to the clients

upnext doesnt show unwatched movies that i manually added to channels dvr folder. i can individually select watched or unwatched for each movie on the server.

i couldnt find how to make a smart collection. i found an article on how to do it for the channels but that didnt work either.

You want a Library Collection

its works for movies but not shows. when i set the smart collection for tv shows. it didnt give an option for watched so i used your custom formula. it still didnt query right. if i used watched=false it shows all. if i use watched=true it shows nothing.

another issue i found was when im in library and select filter by watched or unwatched (on server side) it only shows tv shows that were recorded by channels-dvr instead of showing the watched of the entire tv show collection.

moves shows option for sources

tv shows dont have option for sources

if you cant filter watched/unwatched tv shows that are imported. then why give the user the option to select those imported tv shows as watched or not?

im assuming its suppose to work for imported tv shows as well, so thats why im still working on this topic. if its not suppose to work, then just say its not suppose to do that. or were planning on it in the future. but im left to believe it should work.
but i assumed there would be a unwatched category from the sidebar by default and that seems far away right now from my expectations.

It sounds like a bug. Can you provide steps to reproduce because it's confusing to understand what's not working at the moment.

all shows alphabetically

unwatched alphabetically

as you can see in all shows picture. it has the number of unwatched episodes for that show. but in second pictures where i filtered it to unwatched shows. it only shows the tv shows that was recently recorded by channdvr.

another user brought this up as well

The thing is, Shows don’t have a watched state. If there’s a bug here, it’s that the Watched filter is shown in that UI on web.

Shows are nothing more than groups of recordings of the same show. They do carry a lot of state, but watched is not one of them.

This is something that can be addressed though.

so its not meant to work for tv shows in general or just the ones that are imported?

are you thinking of implementing that?

because you show how many episodes for that show that have been watched, and you do show the tv show that has episodes for shows that was recorded by channdvr.

so are you going to remove that functionally from the shows that are recorded by channdvr as well?

If it works for some shows and not others, then it is a bug.

ok thank you. i sent an email with a log, do you need any more examples or clarification?

i understand they are a group. but i assume all the details\states are in the database. something has to tell the webgui to put a number in top right corner for that show right?

plus it works fine for shows recorded by channdvr. its like the imported tv shows are not added to a certain section of the database.

The implementation doesn't matter. It's a bug and we will fix it.

This is fixed in the next prerelease