How to set live guide to only show Favorites

Hey all, I reorganized my Favorites and I've been keeping my live guide set to Favorites so the channels show in that order. But, out of curiosity is there a way to remove the menu to the left of the live guide? So it doesn't show a menu for All Channels, HD Channels, etc...

It would be great if it just showed Favorites all the time and those other options were turned off. I thought I had it figured out but it didn't work the way I had hoped. Any help is appriciated.

Settings > General > Live TV > Guide Channel Collections

I saw that. I turned all off except Favorites but it only showed like 10 channels. Am I doing that correctly?

Where did you select your favorites? If it was on the server, you need to import the changes on the client.

There is a whole new approach to this called Collections that was just released last week. The old Favorites is still there, but is very challenging to keep setup and has configuration on devices and on the server. You should explore the new collections as a better way to manage your favorites.

That said, if you are using an Apple TV for your streaming device, there isn't any way to get rid of the column on the left that you are referring to. Whether you use Favorites or Collections for your favorites, the column is there on Apple TV. If you use Android TV, then the column isn't there and the list of selection pops up when you need it. Hopefully one day they add that to Apple TV.

You can remove the filters in the live guide with the new release on Apple TV.

You set the guide on favourites first and then go to settings> general> Live TV> Guide Channel Collections set to Off. Now you should only see favourites with no filters to the left.

Thanks! I figured it out.