How to switch back from Kids mode?

I was testing kids mode on my Channels server and i followed the instructions on how to switch to "kids mode" on my iPhone Channels client. It worked, but now i don't see an option to switch back to normal mode. The "settings" button is gone from my screen. How do i go to normal mode on my iPhone?


You have to use server side settings on the dvr web UI

I am at the Server UI, went to the "clients" section, i can see my iPhone client listed, but in the setting for this device it actually shows that "kids only mode" is not checked (it's disabled). I went through all the settings for this client and i don't see kids mode enabled anywhere.
Yet, on my phone, i see only kids channels and kids movies, and i can't find a way to revert it back to normal view. I am stuck.

Yes you need to select it under Clients and set it to off

What do i need to set to off?

The "kids only mode" check box is not checked anywhere in this client's settings. From the server side, for this client, there is nothing enabled that indicates that Kids mode is enabled.

DO you have a screenshot of the specific setting you're referring to?

Thank you!

Do you have Server Side Only > Kiosk Mode enabled ?

Or General > Kids Only Mode

Those are Global settings.
Also check the device settings for the client device

Kids mode, Kiosk Mode, and Kids only mode are ALL disabled. It looks just like your screenshot.
No boxes are checked.

Can you get to Settings on the iPhone Channels app?

Almost sounds like your iPhone isn't connected to that server. Can you play any recordings with it?

You need to check the setting and add it. Then you can set it to Off there