How to upgrade Shield to v9.0.2

I reverted my Shield to v8.2.3 to correct v9 upgrade problems.

Now that v9.0.2 seems to be working with Channels DVR I want to upgrade it to that version. When I go to the Shield settings to check for an upgrade it tells me that my system (i.e. v8.2.3) is up to date. Does someone here know what I should do to bring my Shield to v9.0.2?

Factory reset it and try the update then perhaps?
I have seen reports that the methods used to force a down grade like that prevents you from updating to the newest builds at some point..

Thanks @speedingcheetah I will try that.

I tried factory reset and it reset the system to the same version 8.2.3 with same problem upgrading.

You have to follow the same steps you used to downgrade but with the latest firmware file

Thanks @tmm1
I'm having trouble finding the latest firmware file. Can you or anyone point me in the right direction?

What I had to do was to install firmware for 9.0.0 which I found at:
Download Center | NVIDIA Developer
where I selected: "NVIDIA SHIELD ANDROID TV 2019 Pro Recovery OS Image" and followed the instructions which can be found on that page.

After the install I upgraded to 9.0.2 in NVIDIA Shield settings.


The issue that remains I think is a Channels Issue. My router assigns a fixed address to the Shield based on the "MAC address" of the Shield. When I reinstalled the Channels Server, the address given to the Server was not the address based on the "MAC address" of the Shield but on the "Internet address" (i.e. an alternate MAC address).

It seems that sometimes Channels uses the "MAC address" and sometimes it uses the "Internet address" but not consistently to identify the hardware. This is the second time I had to change my router fixed address assignments to accommodate the choice Channels makes to identify the Hardware the Server resides on.

I'm not sure what this means. Where did you see the "address given to the server"?

Are you saying your Shield has two networks cables attached?


No. Only one network cable is attached.

The Shield has several MAC addresses.

Channels is not consistent in which one it uses to assign to the Channels Server. Sometimes it uses the "Device MAC address" and now it's using the Ethernet address.

The router requires me to specify a MAC address associated with the fixed IP address. If Channels switches the MAC address, DHCP assigns a dynamic address to the server on the Shield.

Where do you see the MAC being used? Channels doesn't do anything with it.

Yes it should have 2 the Wireless and Ethernet. Do You also have the Wireless Connected ? You should only be connecting the ethernet.

When I reinstalled the Channels Client I had to reinstall the Channels Server from the Help menu.
The Server install process assigned the IP address. I checked the router for which MAC address was associated with the IP address assigned to the Server. It turned out the MAC address was different from the one used in the original Channels install.

I have no control of the address that is assigned to the Channels Server. If Channels doesn't assign it, who does?

MAC addresses don’t change and are typically hard coded in the hardware. IF yours did, it was probably a result of the Oem recovery OS.

You are right MAC addresses don't change. It happens that the Shield has 3 MAC addresses - refer to the picture posted above.

Your pic shows only one MAC address and 3 ip addresses. The one with 2 is the WiFi an ipv4 and ipv6. The other is the Ethernet. If you are using Ethernet why setup WiFi connection on the shield. So is your question how does the server choose between WiFi or Ethernet? My guess is it uses the active connection and hopefully the shield is smart enough to default to Ethernet when available. Why your router gave out a different Ethernet ip when you have Mac based static ip setup would be wag

Are you referring to the IP shown on the screen inside the Channels DVR Server app, or something else?

The IP address shown on the Channels DVR Server app.

No. The pic shows 3 MAC addresses:
1-Device MAC address
2-Ethernet address
3-Blutooth address
These are fixed hardware specific MAC addresses not IP addresses. They all start with the same manufacturer's ID: 48:B0:2D which belongs to NVIDIA (check here: MAC 48:B0:2D | MAC Address Lookup )

Where did you get the notion that I was setting up WiFi. My client and server are connected via Ethernet cables to a common switch. WiFi is not used here.

As I understand it, the IP address that is assigned by the router to a device is based on the MAC address the device has. For whatever reason (maybe not Channels' fault) sometimes it uses the "Device MAC address" and sometimes it uses the "Ethernet address" MAC address. This makes it difficult to assign a fixed IP address to the Shield.

The IP shown on your screen is just the first IP returned to us by the OS. There may be multiple assigned, but it only shows one.

Networking is handled by your OS, not our app. Nothing we could be doing would cause what you're describing.

Maybe you're experiencing issues because of privacy features built into newer versions of Android, like Implementing MAC Randomization  |  Android Open Source Project

@tmm1, you might be right. Thinking about it, each MAC address definition change happened after I upgraded then downgraded then upgraded the Shield OS versions. So it looks like NVIDIA is responsible for the inconsistent MAC addresses definition. Hopefully going forward, NVIDIA will stick to using the "Ethernet address" MAC address.