How to view all upcoming movies?

How can I see all the upcoming movies? I thought searching by "a", then "b", then "c", was working, but then I noticed I would see movies in On Later/Top Movies that were not shown by individual letter searching. Is there a REST API call that would provide guide data in json that I could view?

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Currently using a paused Advanced Pass to view them, it only returns 500 hits going out to Friday morning.
Categories == Movie

I'm pretty sure any queries are only searching on the first 500 entries in the guide data as doing a simple
'Time CONTAINS Saturday' gets 0 hits.

Never thought to use Advanced Pass, thanks! Although now I really see I've been missing a lot more movies I could have recorded. It's certainly not the solution, but an step closer.

I had to do something Similar .... As channel 781 IFC broadcast their movies uncut and uncensored, So I had to set it to record every movie on 781... and once in a while delete the ones we didn't like even though most are good movies.

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