“http: read on closed response body”


I use Philo for my non-local channels and one of the channels I get through it via TVE is EWTN (6900).

I haven’t been able to access it for at least a couple of days now, perhaps since the last official update (2022.11.15.1908). The message that comes up - after trying to load for about 30 seconds - is “http: read on closed response body”.

My logs show the following message when I tried just now to access the channel:

2022/11/18 22:02:38.447536 [TNR] Error during live stream for ch6900 EWTN: Failed to download file: https://live-fd164e1.rmbl.ws/slot-8/ngrp:5946-hijg_all/media-uafqgne3w_b4098304_29141.ts: 404 Not Found

What, if anything, might I need to do to fix this issue? What is going on that is causing this (in layman’s terms, if possible :slight_smile: )?

Not sure if this helps figure things out, but I am using a Synology NAS with channels loaded onto it. Please let me know if you all might need more info.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Update to prerelease

Thank you! Wasn’t sure if I should try that route before sending it out to the forums here. Thank you for your assistance :slight_smile: