HTTP Stream help

What's the difference between the http stream of a HDhomerun channel and the Channels stream?

I'm trying to convert the http stream to UDP so i can send to a treadmill's IPTV app. When I convert the HDhomerun stream from Http to UDP it comes out perfect. When converting the channels Http stream to UDP it choppy and freezes every few seconds.

Could it be the buffer or the transcoding? Is there any syntax i can use so it comes out the same as the HDhomerun stream? I've tried the stream.mpg and the master.m3u8 url. Both give me the same issues.

HDHomeRun streams direct from the tuner can only be served over UDP or RT(S)P using their command line hdhomerun_config program, or their libhdhomerun C library.

All of Channels streams are served using TCP by HTTP.

Let me clarify. The encoder i'm using converts HTTP stream to UDP. I simply enter the URL and select the output protocol. It converts the HDhomerun stream fine but not the Channels stream. The HDhomerun i'm using is the regular consumer OTA unit.

Converting TCP to UDP seems to defeat the purpose of UDP. UDP is to just keep pushing the packets without waiting for confirmation and sending missing/out-of-order packets. Since it all starts from a TCP stream in the first place, it seems like you're adding an extra layer of complexity on top of things.

But, here's some info on how to get the "Original format" stream that Channels sends to clients from the DVR:

(In short:


will get you what you're asking for.)

(Direct streams from the HDHR tuner to the client—for when tuner sharing is not enabled—uses the same URLs you get from the HDHR lineup page.)

Thanks man. I've been trying that but the output is just really choppy and keeps freezing up.

I need the UDP stream URL for the treadmill. It doesn't take anything else.

Will investigating something else, I was browsing the Ffmpeg documentation, and found this:

Using that, you can use Ffmpeg as middleware to take the Channels raw stream (using the …/stream.mpg URI) as input to Ffmpeg, and use its UDP protocol output to feed your treadmill.

Hooking it up, though, is an exercise left for the reader.