Hue sync support?


Any plans to support hue sync on the Apple TV?

I’m running a weird 3rd party called “mrmc” for Apple TV which pulls HDHR streams in and up ports it quite well when syncing to tv channels playing on screen.

I’d love to have this capability in channel, which is my go to OTA/DVR Apple TV solution


Please don't add Hue Sync support. That will force me to immediately run out and buy more light strips, and then my wife will be mad at me for wasting money.


I think you need a third-party home automation app to achieve this. Using Channels' HTTP API with some integrations from Home Assistant you could probably get something going.


I suppose it could, but using a $7 atv app called "MRMC" you can include Hue Sync support for entertainment zones and it works quite well with streams from HDHR tuners without any other integrations needed.


MrMC is a fork of Kodi. Kodi allows for a rich ecosystem of additional third-party plugins and interface skins. Kodi is a complete media center application and library for additional media content you have beyond live TV.

On the other hand, Channels is solely a live TV application, and may optionally be paired with its own DVR server software.

You're comparing apples to oranges.