FOX just recently disappeared from my channel list via the HULU source. I rescanned all channels and still no show.

Anyone else experiencing this issue or is it just me?

Did you upgrade to latest pre-release and make sure your chrome version is up to date. Are you getting e-mails with a code from hulu? Guess just not enough to go on. But yeah Fox has been an on and off issue for the last few months. But haven't had an issue lately.

Not on the pre-release of Channels but Chrome is up to date. For example I have Next Level Chef set to record and its not showing up as any future airing when searching the guide. When viewing the available channels in the Hulu source FOX does not show up at all.

Seems that yeah FOX is a bit FOXY lately.

PS: it was recording Next Level Chef as of last week.

I would start with the pre-release. You may have to uncheck the experimental local channels and then enable it again.

Unchecking and re-checking the experimental local channels fixed it! Thanks jxxaxxy!