Hunting Down 2 Error Causing Files

I'm in the midst recovering from my external SSD failing and have managed to resolve all my issues except...

2023/11/04 14:46:37.940834 error loading snapshot epoch: 1060013: error opening segment 508717: error loading segment fromt directory: open recorder.idx\files\00000007c32d.seg: The system cannot find the file specified.
2023/11/04 14:46:37.943834 error loading snapshot epoch: 47653: error opening segment 28252: error loading segment fromt directory: open recorder.idx\groups\000000006e5c.seg: The system cannot find the file specified.

I cannot seem to figure out what these missing two files may be. Does someone have any idea how I might go about figuring it out?

Due to these two files, I cannot search (get javascript error), do not have access to all my labels, and Library Collections do not work (both on Web and Clients), so it's causing me a pretty big headache. At this point I have:

  • Confirmed that all DVR recordings have a matching file name (and confirmed in the web that they are seen correctly)
  • Pruned/Purged all personal media that is not there
  • Emptied Trash
  • Upgraded/Downgraded and reset the server multiple times

About the only thing I haven't done is backup and restore from a fresh install. I'm convinced, though, that if I can put these files in place that I can avoid that.

You can delete the idx folder and then issue Rebuild Search

Alright, that seemed to do it! I stopped the server, renamed the recorder.idx to OLD, and started the server.


No errors in the logs, a new folder created itself, and everything appears to be functioning again. Thanks!