Hurrican Ida and ChannelsDVR

Well I didn't think I would be solely relying on my antenna/hdhr so soon! I really set it up as an experiment in future cord cutting!

We had generator power but no internet. I was still able to watch the local news while the storm pummeled us! It is nice that the channels apps work without internet! Also discovered that plex apps do not!

Other than running out of guide data, I was forced to into a true cut the cord scenario. I watched the news and when that got boring, I watched Three's Company, Alice, Gimmie a Break, Barney Miller, etc etc and found it quite enjoyable!

It's still a big mess here but improving.


If Plex won't let you watch your local content without internet, then I'd look into Emby. It's another media server like Plex but it will work over local lan only.

If in a pinch, you could add the library folders of Plex to ChannelsDVR and you can watch your content through Channels.

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I am in Slidell and Ida turned my antenna into a weather vane. I was not about to go outside in the middle of the storm and fix it.

lol I'm over here in Tangipahoa... we got slammed! Glad mine was in the attic!

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Oh nice, sat in the Tangipahoa jail on the kitchen crew for 7 months. That big flood like 4 years ago hit.
Fun times.

oh man i've heard stories about that place!