I don't understand the categories of recordings

Thanks again for the great apps.

In the Apple TV "Recordings" tab, I have "Up Next", "Recently Recorded", and "Kid Shows"

I'm not 100% sure I understand this organization.

The "Recently Recorded">"More" option brings up a menu with
"Recently Added | Alphabetical | Release Date"

In this new sub menu, kids shows don't show up under "Recently Added" or "Alphabetical", but they DO under "Release Date" ?

These are different from the web version, which uses "Unwatched | All | Kids | News"..
What determines where a show goes? I don't see anything in the Pass on aTV or Web.

What is Up Next?

Is there a way to get a UI screen like "Recently Recorded" on the aTV which includes all the categories?


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I agree with you, it’s a little confusing with all of the different categories. It would be nice to have an option that just shows all TV shows in one menu and all movies in another. Or, better yet, include all recordings in one area and allow you to sort by movie or tv.

I often forget that the kids section is at the bottom and can figure out where some of the shows I recorded went. Maybe allow us to change this in the web ui and move kids shows to the general recorded tv section.

Up Next runs an algorithm to guess what you are probably going to watch next. If you were watching a show in a series, Up Next will show the next show in the series should you wish to continue without going through other menus. If you had been watching a series and are waiting for the next air date, when the next episode is aired and recorded, it will show up in Up Next. It also works this way if you are watching a show for the whole season and then the season ends. When the next season starts again and is recorded, it will show in Up Next.

Recently Recorded shows all recordings that the DVR has recorded, in order of most recent first. This may include a series that you haven't been watching recently, so it won't show in Up Next, but it will show here. Clicking on the blank more icon shows all the recordings, which you can sort differently if you prefer.

Movies are unique in that they aren't grouped into series like regular television shows. And they have different icons from the guide provider. Movies don't get recorded from a series pass or a sports pass. They don't show up in Up Next. And they have their own section in the UI.

Thanks- That seemed it might be the intention, but mine does not seem to work that way.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or it's a bug?

I'm using 2020.01.01.0239 of the DVR, and AppleTV version 3.2.34

Here is a snapshot from the bottom of the "Recordings" menu, showing Gumball, Ducktales, etc in the Kids menu.

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From there, I can click on "Recently Recorded", and "More"
This creates the three tab interface I described above, with
"Recently Added | Alphabetical | Release Date"

The kids shows (like Ducktales) do not show up in the Alphabetical entry.
I've attached a combined-snapshot of that menu below.

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Looks like the same thing was reported here

Kids shows are kept separate from the rest of the library of shows. What you're seeing is a bug as @chDVRuser mentioned.

It's been fixed, but hasn't been released to the app store release yet. It's available on the beta though.

We should be doing a regular release soon, so you'll see that fixed.