Recordings not listed on certain tabs

Channels DVR for Apple TV not listing all recordings on Recently Added and Alphabetical tabs. They do show up on Release Date tab.

It appears the missing programs are listed in the Kids section on the main recordings screen but missing in the aforementioned tabs on the More screen. This condition also exists in the iOS client as well. The DVR web client behaves correctly.

I saw this with A Charlie Brown Christmas. It was the first time I ever had that happen in several years of Channels DVR use. Strange.

This might be fall out from some internal changes I made recently.

Thanks for bringing it up, I’ll take a look.

This is also the explanation for the Movies group being exposed :sob:

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Could you give me a better description of exactly what's happening. Please use the exact section names where you see content, and which more button you're using.

What are you expecting to happen, and what is actually happening.

Thanks, the original descriptions aren't clear enough for me to reproduce the bug since I'm not exactly clear what the issue is.

Never mind, I found the bug!

Thanks for reporting it in.

Was just about to respond and I see you found the issue....thanks. When do you expect the fix will be integrated so I can test?

It'll go out with the next public beta. I'll report when it happens.