I have alot of buffering and freezing

I experience a lot of buffering and freezing when I play Channels on any of my PC's... I also have a Fire TV and don't experience much if any buffering....

I've tried to read through and browse the different posts on this forum and it seems to point to Channels playback not being optimized for playing in a browser on a PC. I have 80+mb internet and all devices except the Fire TV are wired. I am using Google Chrome as a browser...

Does this mean I need to buy a Fire TV for each TV? I hope not... When playing directly through YouTube TV no buffering...

Any help would be appreciated...


Correct, playback is not optimized for browsers. You could try using Kodi instead.

Should consider myself lucky? Browser playback works well here!

So yesturday I was playing with the "Client Buffering" settings.... Leaving it at 1080P but changing the time setting. Seemed to work best set at 5 or 10 minutes

This seemed to help the freezing/buffering issue BUT NOW if I try to play a recorded program with the new setting the recorded program plays perfectly for about 10-15 minutes at most... THEN it goes back to the recording intro screen where you have to click the "Play Triangle" to restart it or close the program completely and restart it... When you do this it begins where it last stopped and then plays again for another 10-15 minutes?


Are you playing from home or remotely?

We have put a lot of optimizations in our streaming client that are not in web browsers.

Buying a FireTV or other supported streaming device is going to give you the best experience.