I Just LOVE it!

I never understood the pricing, thought Plex was a better deal, have used most of them and Channels is absolutely worth it's pricing!! The myriad of different abilities to change channels around, create favorites, hide within the app is wonderful. Recording and finding things is a breeze. Even my "non-techie" partner loves it! Wonderful product. Thanks for all the support up here getting started!


Yeah I tried just about all of them, Plex, Emby, Tablo just for OTA TV. None of them come close to what Channels offers. I also moved on from Tivo to using Hulu live with TVE. It was by far the closest I could get to a Tivo experience without using well Tivo and or Comcast equipment. Also those other options can't integrate my security cameras and other free to use services like Pluto into a single guide. I have been really happy with it as well.

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