Ignore other tuners on the network

I would just like to use channels for the ability to bring streaming apps into one guide but I would like to ignore my other tuners like my hdhomerun primes on the network. I tried to just turn off all channels in the channels setup but that just made my hdhomerun primes unavailable to other things. Is there a way to make channels ignore these devices?

If you don't assign a guide provider to them, they'll just show as a source in settings, but won't be used for Live TV or recording from Channels DVR.
Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 16-46-59 Channels Settings

You could also move your Channels DVR server to a docker container to prevent it seeing the HDHR's.

You could also just turn off the On Now and Guide options in the nav so you only see library views. Then no one is going to use your HDHomeRun tuners.