Image and Title Missing for Library Movie Collections

Using DVR version 2022.03.23.0209.
On iOS (actually the iOS app running on an Apple Silicon Mac), collections I've created show an generic image rather than the representative images I chose. Also, none of them have a title, making them all identical.

Each collection is populated using a Smart Rule.

In the DVR page for collections (Library -> Collections), the names of the collections appear but the chosen images for each do not.

I can see in your screenshot that your collections have no images associated to them. The field is blank. Upload an image, or add a url to an image for them.

Also, in iOS, thr titles don’t show at the bottom like they do on tvOS. You can see this in the list of shows and movies.

Everything is working appropriately.

You're quite right. I figured out what I was doing wrong. Thank you for your rapid response.