Image not loading latest beta

Latest update broke Mlb docker recordings image.

diagnostic log submitted from app under 2319c15b-1077-4ca1-a69a-79189b5985f5



Broken now as well on web ui

Using Search for upcoming episodes


This appears to only happen when remote. If I WireGuard into my home network and launch the app on my iPhone the art returns.

Now after my phone hit the home network, I turned off my WireGuard and relaunched app on cellular data, all the missing art is back correct :man_shrugging:

Can you provide the url to the image? This would be the most useful information while troubleshooting a url that does not load.

.202 is the machine on the mlb container runs on.
.169 is the dvr machine.

Your URL has a local host. That can't route while you're remote because your device can not reach

This is not an issue with the latest TestFlight beta change.

Thumbnail art for recordings from this source prior to the update always showed when remote. So something changed but I get it, bigger fish to fry.

Sounds like your images were cached, and maybe the recent change effected that cache, so we'll look into it.

But in general, there's zero way that that image URL could load while you're remote. That ip address can't be reached. This is basic networking.

I think this was the case and the update cleared the cache. While on LAN looking at the pass the pass art was broken. I’ve recreated a pass that doesn’t use .202 art. I’ll check tonight to see if that fixes the remote art issue.