Immediate play, favorites, and background recording

Here are a couple things I thought could improve the iOS app:

  • immediately start playing video when you select a show that is playing in Guide and On Now. The rational being that you can see the description on the bottom info pane while playing anyways. I know you can press the “channel logo” to start immediately but that’s not super intuitive, I did it by accident! You could have the info page pop up in the guide when clicking on future shows though.
  • speaking of the description, is there a way to add a scroll function to see the full text?
  • it’s not obvious how to set channels to be your “favorite” since it’s not marked as such in settings. Maybe another way in settings to select them?
  • would be neat to be able to “save” a channel that is recording, in order to switch to another channel. I know this might be complicated but could be a neat feature to add in settings especially for people with 64gb or more storage and can accommodate. And having it record in background so you can switch apps and come back would be sweet but not sure if iOS allows that.

Keep up the good work guys! Can wait to see how you work DVR functionality into this. I wonder if that will unlock a full two week epg too!?