Import content recorded on other platforms into Channels Recordings?

I have numerous TV recordings made by our TiVos and Windows Media Center (HDHomeRun Prime and Connect) that I would really love to be able to see listed and watch using the Channels interface. Most of them simply have the commercials removed using VideoReDo, but some have also been re-encoded from MPEG-2 to H.264 (MP4). I also have some golf recordings where I saved the last few hours of a 6-to-8 hour broadcast to save disk drive space.

Has anyone been successful adding these kinds of recordings to Channels Recordings?

This is not currently possible.

Channels DVR was built as a standalone DVR, and does not have an import feature like more general purpose media center software.

You can do what I do and use Plex to consolidate recordings from Channels and other media sources in to one interface. Channels records everything nicely and I use MCEBuddy to put chapter markers where the commercials are. I use Sonarr to pick up the converted recordings and file them in to folders that Plex indexes.

Channels basically serves as my DVR backend since the Plex DVR is kinda crap.


That's how I do it.

I set up a Catagory in Plex called recordings and pointed it to the folder on my NAS where ChannelsDVR records. Plex will then catalogue it etc. Plex DVR is kinda hit and miss.