Import "failed" due to missing keyframes?

I'll preface the following by stating that I am unsure if this is a problem or an intended behavior.

I recently converted a number of recordings to mp4 format and to my surprise, these files are not being imported into Channels. Looking through the logs, I've found an entry similar to the one below for each and every file conversion that should have been imported into the Library.

2023/07/28 08:58:42.031481 [IDX] Generating video index for file-12780: Lego Masters (US)/Season 3/LEGO Masters (US) - S03E08 - Mini Golf Masters.mp4
2023/07/28 08:58:46.301587 [ERR] Generating video index for file-12780 failed: No Keyframes were found in the stream

I found this to be a bit puzzling as I've not noticed this issue during previous Imports of converted files. I managed to find additional examples of files, created through different means, that also failed to be imported into Channels for the same reason. Are Keyframes in video files required in order to be imported into Channels?

Logs have been submitted as da53bf42-1660-40b8-a935-cbcd3efb8121 since several other threads exist where this error has been discussed, albeit in a slightly different context.

Anyone have thoughts on this? It's the first time I've encountered problems importing data and I've imported thousands of TV episodes.

Just a wild guess here.
For an mp4 to stream it should have the MOOV atom at the beginning of the mp4 file.
Maybe those don't.

Search the Internet for mp4 faststart moov atom

Well now I'm at a complete loss. I just ran a new conversion against a recent recording and got the following back from channels...

2023/08/01 22:00:00.818517 [ERR] Generating video index for file-12876 failed: No Keyframes were found in the stream
2023/08/01 22:00:01.047863 [SCN] Imported TV episode #12876 Star Wars- Young Jedi Adventures/Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures - S01E13-E14 - The Jedi and the Thief + The Missing

Using the same conversion process as the previous example (and dozens more like it), this file imported despite the missing keyframe. (Ignore the episode name and number discrepancy. This is expected in my environment.)

What does View Details show

Source File

Imported File

Any response to this? I'm having same issues...

What does it mean for the import to fail? Not being able to index keyframes is not a required part of any process.

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Sorry for the late reply.

Import failing means the content never shows up in the Channels app. I mistakenly correlated the import “failure” with the Keyframes error listed above. That’s probably a red herring. Still, the content itself never shows up and I’m not sure why.