Important notice for macOS Catalina

We've released a new version of Channels DVR Server. As a Channels fan using macOS Catalina, we wanted to make sure you knew of an extra step that you might need to take to ensure your Channels experience is not interrupted.

macOS Catalina has some new extra permission systems to ensure you have control over what your software can and can not do. One of these new permissions is allowing specific software to access your external storage.

You will need to manually grant Channels DVR Server access to your external storage. You will only need to do this once, but you will need to do it after the latest update.

Steps To Upgrade

If your Channels DVR Server has already updated to version 2019.10.29.0031 , you might already see this permission dialog:

Click OK and Channels DVR Server will continue as usual and you should not have to grant it permission ever again.

If your Channels DVR Server has not upgraded yet, follow these steps:

  1. Visit on the computer that is running Channels DVR Server
  2. Click Check For Update
  3. You should see the permission dialog pop up
  4. Click OK to grant it permission to use a removeable volume (external storage drive)
  5. Channels DVR Server will continue as usual and you should not have to grant it permission ever again

We're sorry for this inconvenience. We want to make sure your Channels experience continues without interruption. We work hard to ensure Channels works with all of the newest features of your operating system.


I have the latest version, but did not get the permission request as displayed in the screenshot and am unable to utilize the DVR. How do I manually grant the permission? Thanks in advance.

Check System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Files & Folders

I am still on Mojave and I updated my DVR but did not see this permission request. What happens when/if I upgrade to Catalina while still on this dvr version?

This is just new for Catalina.

When you update to Catalina, on first boot, you'll be presented with the permission dialog. You'll just need to agree to it and you shouldn't see it again.

In fact, this is apparently what you should expect to see when upgrading to Catalina :laughing:

Good lord. I don't see a reason to upgrade to Catalina yet till they work out the other bugs. I'll sit tight for right now :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the same problem, but cannot find Channels DVR under files and folders. Any other suggestions?


What does it show on the dvr web UI under the dvr checkbox?

I have the opposite problem, never got asked for permission, and Channels is not listed in Security > Files and Folders, but it seems to be working fine. I upgraded directly to 10.15.1, could that be the difference?


at home and away, channels just starts and stops all day now. yes in Catalina.
Mojave was good.

What do you mean it starts and stops? What does the Log tab of the DVR show?

I have 7 instances listed in that section. I have granted permission to all and I can report joy. Any idea as to why there are so many instances listed?

If there are multiple entries its because you were using pre-release builds from before we released the official build with the fix.

If you would like to clear out the list and start over, open and paste:

tccutil reset SystemPolicyRemovableVolumes