Imported films/shows

So I have channels and a HDHomeRun box and some of the movies and tv-shows I have imported into channels plays the sound but no video. Does anyone know how I can rectify this problem it’s driving me crazy?

You can screenshot the View Details window for that video on the DVR web UI and that will help us investigate

I hope the image is the one you asked for, I am new to all this and have a few films like this so just trying to work out how I can get them to work as most other ones work

What device are you running Channels app on and trying to watch? After you get the black screen there, go to Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics

App is on Firestick and IPhone

Diagnostics submitted :+1:t2:

Any idea how I can rectify this problem or do I need to remove all my imports to another program?

Please submit diagnostics from your phone after seeing the issue.

On android you can try changing Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder > Software

The videos work fine on the pc and iPhone just not the firestick?

Just tried this and still just getting sound on the film with no picture but works fine on pc and iPhone is there anything else I can try to rectify this problem?

Did you submit diagnostics from the iPhone?

It works fine on the iPhone do I need to submit diagnostics if it works?

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Just submitted :+1:t2:

Okay I misunderstood. Please submit from firestick with software decoder setting after seeing the problem.

Thank you for your help after changing the setting and resetting the app they now work. Thank you :+1:t2:

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