Importing a channel from another Instance

I have two instances of Channels DVRs in two separate locations. I would like to be able to watch the local news from instance "A" on Instance "B". Instance A has the Remote DVR activated, the port on the firewall is open including port-forwarding and it does stream outside my LAN.

Can I include a handful of channels from Instance A to Instance B? If so, would it be as simple as adding the M3U stream from Instance A to Instance B? Is it possible to also get guide information?


It would be easiest to install Tailscale on both, then you can use the Tailscale ip to import custom channel via m3u


To clarify, are you saying that it will not work as described above or that is just easier to do it via Tailscale?


If you want it to work without VPN you'd need to find the authentication cookie and add it to the request, otherwise the url to get the M3U won't work

Ok, good to know and thank you for your help. So setup an instance of Tailscale on both media servers and add the m3us as a source?