Importing existing content?

I’m exploring options to migrate from EyeTV to another solution and Channels has caught my eye. The issue is that I have an existing DVR workflow with a ton of existing content that I would like to be able to migrate into the new solution. I don’t seem to be able to find anything regarding importing of existing content into the Channels workflow. Is there a solution for this?

No, it’s stricrly a DVR and not a media server. I use Infuse for my media player for my media collection.

OK, so if I were to convert DVR functionality from EyeTV to Channels, how would I get the output of the DVR to the media server? Can this, or is this automatic in Channels? For example, in my current workflow EyeTV performs the searching for shows I’ve defined as needing to be recorded, (I see Channels does this), then records the identified shows, (Channels does this as well), then exports that recording to my current Media Server, (this is what I’m not sure Channels can do), and then my Media Server sorts and organizes the recordings into playlists for access via AppleTV (not sure if Infuse can do this, but I’ll check it out).

I really need to get off of EyeTV, just not sure Channels fits my workflow.

Any help, guidance appreciated.

Channels is both an Apple TV app and a DVR server. Recordings made by the DVR can be watched via the app on your Apple TV.

Channels DVR is not a generic media server so you can’t import other videos into it. You are free to use other media managers like Infuse, Plex, Emby, etc. To access your DVR recordings from one of these media managers you would simply add the DVR recordings folder to the media server software.

Many DVR solutions are not capable of also being media servers, and although some are, they may not be the most efficient for playback purposes.

For me, Channels is the ultimate DVR solution; 90% of the time I utilize Channels DVR playback due to the excellent integration of com-skip…however, for playback of files (from other previous solutions…see below) I use Emby as a media server as an aggregator for a playback app (MrMC) on ATV/iOS.

Others may use Windows or Android (devices/software) to aggregate/playback.

For example, over the last 7 years I have used EyeTV, WMC, HDDVR, Plex and Channels as DVRs and have subsequently found a media server solution (Emby) to combine recordings from all of the above with excellent playback app (MrMC) on latest Apple TVs and iOS. Other Channels users most likely have solutions for Windows/Android devices, in addition to different ATV/iOS solutions.

If you would list your currently owned hardware, some of us may be able to suggest solutions for your transition from EyeTV.

Current HW / SW:

  • DVR: EyeTV v. 3.6.9. (7520)
  • elgato turbo.264 HD compression accelerator
  • Apple 21.5 inch, Late 2013 iMac 3.1 GHz Core i7 (4 core), 16 GB memory, 500 GB Flash Storage, Mac OS Sierra (10.12.6)
  • Drobo 5d - 22 TB usable
  • Drobo B800fs - 25 TB usable
  • Apple Mac mini (Late 2012) 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 (4 core), 16 GB memory, 250 GB Flash Storage, Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.2) w/ Server Version 5.4 (17S1207)
  • Media Server: iTunes Home sharing to AppleTV 3’s
  • Tuners: 3 - SiliconDust HD HomeRun Dual (20170930 firmware)

Nice setup!

Either of your macs (and probably the Drobos) are fully capable of running Channels and various media servers.

Channels was initially developed for Apple computers with direct playback to apps on ATV 4 and later gen iOS devices. The devs have since expanded to NAS, Windows and now Android devices (still in early Beta).

However, the Channels process doesn’t include converting the raw mpeg2 to a new saved file format, i.e., itunes compatible. With newer client playback equipment, conversion is no longer necessary.

Am I correct in assuming that you are currently using the internal EyeTV conversion to an itunes compatible format? Which takes 1-2 hours.

As an ATV 3 is not capable of running apps (created for ATV 4>) you have two choices in the Apple ecosystem. Upgrade to ATV 4s or continue to convert the raw mpeg2 file (now created by Channels) to itunes compatible files and continue utilizing itunes as your media server.

Personally, I’d upgrade as trying to replicate your current conversion/organization process on macs is not nearly as smooth as on a Windows setup. It can be done but might involve writing scripts, manual intervention, etc. Also having app capable ATVs allow for many other options. Foremost is being able to utilize a full featured media server (some free, some paid) on the mac with apps ($0, $5 - $25) on ATV which would allow you to view both your prior itunes recordings and your new recordings (which would not have to converted).

Let us know

Have just setup my new DVR Server on Mac Mini. Complete newbie to this game. During setup process I noticed an option to add existing media to the server. There was a file path to the movies in my iTunes library. I didn't complete the process till I find out exactly what will happen here. Does this merely create a link to the media library in the Channels App interface, or does it physically copy the content to the DVR recording volume.

Looks like they haven't created any support articles for that yet.

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