ALPHA: Import TV local content into DVR

The latest DVR pre-release build adds initial support for importing existing TV episodes into your DVR library.

Once imported, the shows will appears in the Recordings > Imports section of the DVR web UI:

This is an early preview of the TV imports feature, which means it still contains a lot of rough edges and a lot of bugs. Please temper your expectations accordingly.

Try it out and report your experiences below!

Note: You may want to take a backup before importing, in case things don't go well and you need to roll back. You can also spin up a new test DVR using a backup if you prefer.

Note: We're aware that some shows and episodes will not scan in correctly because metadata is missing in our Guide provider's database. If you're having issues with specific pieces of content, please post one or two sample directory/file names for the affected media. (For example, ./Lucifer (2016)/Season 01/Lucifer - S01E06.mp4).


Just updated to 2020.09.01.2012 and it’s not there. Still only see movies.

In the Local Content section of settings in Channels DVR Server, you'll see Movie Sources and TV Sources, so you can add a directory of local tv shows.

The new build is taking longer than usual but will be ready soon.

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Yea, the new build doesn’t have it. @tmm1 got it, that was the most recent update. I’ll wait a bit.

Well. You boys just hit the big time. Full on media server.

Time for new big'ol hard drive in the Channels DVR server.

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Build is now available v2020.09.02.0129

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I am looking forward to trying this out!

Is there any method to access my network drives (NAS) without creating a network path on
Windows 10? I feel like the answer is no, but hoping not.

Not natively. You need to mount your network share via your OS to expose the paths to the DVR server.

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I don’t think these imports should be added to anything dvr related. The imports are showing up under recently recorded on iOS and tvOS in the library.

I want to distinguished what’s recorded and what is imported. Maybe think about separating the two?

We understand, but they're going to stay together. The Recently Recorded title is going to be changed to a different title, obviously that's confusing. In fact it was slotted to be changed for 4.0 and 3.0 :man_facepalming:.

We see imports and recordings as just 2 different ways to build the library, they're one and the same.

It's certainly weird to have your "Recently XXX" section blown away after an import, but unfortunately, that's what happens when you add a ton of content all at one time. But in just a few days time it will be back to normal showing you a list of recently updated stuff, whether they were manually added or recorded from broadcast.

Thanks. That's what I thought but thought I'd check in case someone knew a different way. I just have had some bad luck in the past with Window and network paths. I will give it another go then.

Is there a specific way you have to setup the TVShows ? They are setup by seasons and properly named. It identifies the shows correctly but not the episodes or seasons.

The dialog when you add a path says to name your files as: Series/Season X/SXXEYY Title.ext, where:

  • Series – Title of your program
  • X – Season number
  • XX – Season number (with leading 0 if necessary)
  • YY – Episode number (with leading 0 if necessary)
  • Title – Episode title (optional)
  • ext – File extension

So what is wrong with the way they are named ... nothing. Look to the right of the screenshot.

The specific files in your imports are prefixed with the series name, and include - between tokens.

So, your shown files should be:

  • Why Women Kill/Season 1/S01E01 Murder Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry.mp4
  • Why Women Kill/Season 1/S01E02 I'd Like to Kill Ya, But I Just Washed My Hair.mp4
  • Why Women Kill/Season 1/S01E03 I Killed Everyone He Did, But Backwards and In High Heels.mp4

Note the differences? And if you're use a case-sensitive filesystem, notice the S01E01 has capital letters …

That is how they are named from playon and EMBY ok I will remove them until they offer a fix not going to mess around with the playon and Emby naming conventions.

I prefer this naming convention anyway it is easier to see what series the file belongs to.

Beauty and the Beast - s01e01 - Once Upon A Time.mp4

Rather than this ..

S01E03 I Killed Everyone He Did, But Backwards and In High Heels.mp4

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From the original post announcing this:

There was a bug with lowercase detection which has been fixed in the next build. If you remove and readd the TV source after upgrading it should scan correctly.

Looks good