In Guide Video Preview

On my Shield devices, when I enable the video preview while in the guide, I can navigate the guide and still watch the current channel. If I select a new channel to watch, the video preview changes to the new channel and zooms back to full screen. This is perfect.

However, if I don’t find something more interesting to watch and I want the currently playing preview to zoom back to full screen, the only way I’ve found to make the video preview zoom back to full screen is to reselect the currently playing channel. The problem with this method is once the video preview zooms back to full screen, the channel is in a paused state and requires the user to press play again to resume the channel playing.

I am missing something or is there a trick to make this work without having the channel pause?

How are you triggering the video preview?

Using flirc it issues the P key.

If you can use Button Mapper to tie that to KEYCODE_WINDOW somehow, then it will let you exit out more easily.

I will give that a try. Thanks!

Unfortunately KEYCODE_WINDOW is one of a handful of android keys which cannot be emitted by FLIRC at the moment.

I decided to try and fix it and sent some changes to the official Android project:

If the changes are accepted, I'll try to convince Nvidia to include them in the next SHIELD update.

@tmm1 - Awesome. Thank you.

The changes were accepted into the Android project. So next I'll try to get it into SHIELD Experience.

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