Inconsistent behavior of left D-pad key in Guide vs On Now and other views


Generally, loving Channels. It’s what I wish Live Channels had been.

Not sure if it’s intended, but behavior of the left D-pad key when on a leftmost item/column is inconsistent between the Guide and On now views. In On Now, Settings and the beta DVR views, pressing the left D-pad key slides out the left main menu (not sure what that’s called in Android TV–maybe Navigation Pane or Browse Lane?) if any leftmost item is highlighted. In the Guide view, pressing left in the same situation does nothing. It is necessary to press Back to slide out the left main menu. I’d much prefer Guide behavior to be consistent with behavior in the other views.


I agree this is not ideal. The differing behavior on the Guide tab is because to get back to the front of the guide, you have to hold down the left button and I wanted to keep focus in the guide when you reached the front.


Thought it might be something like that. It’s a matter of opinion, I guess, but I don’t think it would be a problem if the menu popped open if the user clicked left too many times. That happens in other apps like YouTube.


This is fixed in today’s new v1.0.6 release.


Great, thanks very much. I can confirm that it’s working for me with 1.06.