Inconsistent FPS streaming

Version: 2020.01.19.2104

Super inconsistent FPS streaming with this build.

Is this new: Local Content / Media Sources. First time i see it and it works absolutely beautiful.

Can you submit a diagnostic log when this happens? Are you streaming locally or remotely? Live TV or Recordings? Do you have Streaming Quality set to "Original"?

Yes, it is a new feature under development that is currently in alpha:

How do i submit a submit a diagnostic log?

Streaming locally, Live,streaming quality to Original.

Was just setting up a new home server, didn't hesitate to update to newest server build - but this is the first time I've ever had streaming issues.

In the app, Player Tab, bottom of page, under Support, Submit Diagnostics

It Tuner Sharing enabled in the app?

Got it fellas. I had actually done that earlier in the day when i was changing up settings hoping to improve quality. I just submitted it again.

No it was not. It is set to Off.