Inconsistent thumbnails

I’ve noticed, and more so recently but that might just be that I keep noticing it now having spotted this, that show thumbnails are really very inconsistent.

Here in the UK, there seems to be three primary types:

  • fully accurately branded thumbnails such as ‘Angle’, ‘bbc weather’ and ‘the chase’.
  • not official, you might call thumbnails with unofficial graphic design / faked branding. Sometimes these are quite close to the official branding of the show but they always look rubbish, like they were made with Microsoft Word using cheesy special font effects. Examples below include ‘999 what’s your emergency’, ‘the bidding room’.
  • generic thumbnails, such as ‘the cabins’ and ‘channel off air’ (a helpful show recommendation, thanks channels!)

As far as the three types of thumbnails, I I get that there are some shows where graphics aren’t available and therefore the final type (generic) is unavoidable. I really dislike the faked ones; they are without exception very ugly and amateur looking.

Where do these ugly faked ones come from? Why do they even exist?

All the guide data comes from our guide data provider.

Who is the UK guide provider?

I believe it's the same as the US provider, Gracenote.