Incorrect Aspect Ratio


I have a recording that is 4:3 but at start of recording is the end of another show that is 16:9

If I start watching this before the 4:3 show has started, channels plays at 16:9 for duration of the recording. However, if I start in middle of the 4:3 show, it correctly sets to 4:3

So it looks like channels is only checking aspect ratio when playback starts. Is it possible to improve on this behaviour?


If you can send me a recording where this happens I can take a look.


Thanks. Uploading “EastEnders 1985-10-10 2018-09-21-1237.mpg” now. Do you still have access to the One Drive folder I shared previously?

This recording has 16:9 content at start & in the ad break at about 16min. The main show is 4:3

Edit: message sent with link


Did you have any luck with this?