Incorrect guide data for ziply fiber

As noted here, ziply fiber has changed the feed for some channels to west coast. I can see the correct guide data on zap2it and I've force refreshed the channels guide and tried deleting and re-adding the guide followed by a force refresh but it's still showing the incorrect data for the affected channels. Anything else I can try?

How about:

  1. Delete/recreate guide database
  2. Restart DVR server
  3. Delete/recreate guide database—yes, again
  4. Force close/quit each client—and optionally clear their caches—and then relaunch them

Perform all 4 steps in sequence. That ought to fix most all guide-related issues when the guide source is known to be good. (Zap2it is run by Gracenote, which is the upstream provider of Channels' guide data.)

If you update to the dvr pre-release first (click-and-hold on the Check for Updates button), you can select Refresh Stations in the guide maintenance menu then Reload Guide.

I only had to do step 1 to fix it. Thanks for the info.

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