Incorrect/missing channels in lineup


There are a few incorrect or missing channels in my lineup (GBR-1000040-DEFAULT). There's been a few channel shuffles and additions lately so I've waited a few weeks to see if they would be sorted but they haven't so far:

  • 15 FILM4UK, missing channel logo
  • 37 QUEST, missing channel logo
  • 50 SONMOV1 (Sony Movie Channel+1), missing channel logo
  • 78 QREDUK1 (Quest Red+1), listed as channel 84
  • 83 NOW80UK (Now 80s), listed as channel 88 (also missing channel logo)
  • 84 Now 90s, missing completely
  • 88 CLUBLVM (Clubland TV), listed as channel 91
  • 93 Travelxp, missing completely
  • 99 Smithsonian Channel, missing completely (was there yesterday??)
  • 114 QUESHDV (Quest HD), missing channel logo


Do these exist in the official HDHR app?


Is the correct manner to ensure guide mappings and logos to verify they exist (and are correct) through SD's software and correct them there? Or does Channels have a separate agreement with Gracenote?


We both use gracenote, but they have a bigger contract and get better support. So if you report to them it's more likely to get fixed. You can click or shift-click the circle icon under the HDHR on our DVR web Ui to load mappings from their database.


The HDHR app is missing the same channels/logos (and actually there are a couple extra channels that are missing logos in that app). How do I go about reporting via HDHR?


You can either try emailing their support at [email protected] (which in my experience can be hit-or-miss), or you can open a thread in their Guide Issues subforum with your issues.


I just submitted a request for Gracenote to update their thumbnail images because some are really outdated! Is this the correct place to submit that...


You cannot contact gracenote directly, you have to report it to a gracenote licensee like channels, silicondust or For show images we control which image is used so if something it out of date email [email protected] with the show name/id.


Thanks I created a thread on the HDHR forums.


HDHR have put in a request about the guide data, but they won't do anything about that channels that have incorrect numbers in the guide data. (I guess channel mapping isn't something they really have to deal with in their setup?)