Incorrect programming on Fox Sports Carolinas on AT&T TV Now

Hey folks

Just a heads-up that the channel listed as Fox Sports Carolinas seems to actually be showing Fox Sports South, or similar. Hadn't noticed but now it's the hockey season again...



What is the exact channel number and name?

That was quick. !

6206 is the correct channel logo but shows the programming on channel 6205.

Channel 6205 is the correct programming but, I believe, is Fox Sports South, not Fox Sports Carolinas.

I need the name of the channel that appears when you click the pencil icon under ATT NOW

6205 is listed as FS-RSN-FSOPNC3, 6206 is FS-RSN-FSSONC3.

What does it show on when you login as currently airing?

This is "Fox Sports Carolinas Plus". On their website/app they might show it as Fox Sports South

This is "Fox Sports Carolinas-North Carolina"

Shows Fantasy Football Hour on FS South. I don't see Fox Sports Carolinas. I see Fox Sports Carolinas programming but it's listed as being on Fox Sports South... e.g. the Carolina Hurricanes game is on at 7:30 but the website shows "FS South" on the preview pic.

Yea they seem to want to call everything Fox Sports South, even though there are dozens of different feeds in the south.

It looks like the guide data shown on their website matches the guide data shown in the DVR.

Are you saying the guide data doesn't match what's actually playing on those channels? Does video match on their website?

Yeah, video matches on the website. The guide is correct but 6206 shows the same programming as 6205. Video on their website's correct.

Okay I understand. Please wait about 20 minutes, then update to the latest build by click-and-hold Check for Updates to see if there is any improvement.

Will do, thanks !

v2019.10.11.2257 is ready to try