Increase AppleTV Buffering [Feature Request]

I generally watch most sports while being recorded so I can't benefit from comskip.

These shows generally have 2-4 minutes of commercials. I notice the first 2 clicks of +30 seconds updates the frame instantly but on the 3rd and subsequent clicks it takes a couple seconds to update.

Wondering if you can increase the buffer to the appletv to improve commercial skipping during live recording?

(Sorry, this was erroneously entered in Troubleshooting but that was deleted and opened here.)

I am in the same boat and agree this would be great!

What is the difference in Channels DVR (if any) whether using the AppleTV 4K 32 or 64GB versions? What does the doubled memory give us? I need to buy one more ATV 4K if I go exclusively to Channels DVR over TiVo. Should I get the 32 or 64GB version for a little more money?

We have some changes under development that could improve the performance of seeking that are looking promising, but I'm not sure when we'll roll it out more widely.

At the moment there is very little that we do that would make use of that extra storage. The place where we do the most on-disk buffering on the client is when you are streaming remotely (or have Transcoding enabled).

Well those two scenarios are exactly how I use mine, so perfect! :laughing: