Indicate skipped items in guide

I was wondering if it would be possible to indicate within the guide those programs that have been flagged to "Skip" recording?

It would be helpful to easily see the "skip" status within the guide.

Personally, for now, I use the unofficial API to compare my already recorded series and "skip" those I already have. But this indicator maybe helpful to others as well (to know that a program that is part of a "pass" was skipped intentionally).

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hmm. Sounds like what you actually want is to mark certain episodes as "recorded" so you don't have to keep skipping them?

I suppose that would work for my own use (assuming the guide will then indicate this), but skipped indicator maybe a nice option also.

And to be clear, my series are in Plex and I post process and move all channel recordings to Plex, so setting as "recorded" may cause some small issues like Channels offering to "play" the episode when in fact it is not actually available to Channels because it was removed.

I skip for a three reasons and would like to be able to mark a showing as "recorded" because I've already recorded it outside of Channels (or am not interested in that episode).
The other two reasons are it's a series episode I'm not interested in and would prefer to just mark it as recorded, or it conflicts with other recordings I prefer to record at the same time and I would be out of tuners-skipping works in this case.