Indication that Movie is already scheduled or recorded

One of the features I'm using a lot is to hit Search, and expand the list of upcoming Movies that it gives you without any search argument. When I get to that list, it shows me upcoming movies but there are two issues. First, it is showing me movies there that are already recorded. I don't see any difference in the guide data between the recorded and upcoming movies. If I set it to record, I end up with 2 copies and have to delete one. The second issue is that on the page showing the list of upcoming movies it doesn't give any indication if it is already scheduled to be recorded. I have to select the movie and then I can see its scheduled. I've seen elsewhere in Channels a list of shows or movies that have little icons on them already if they are set to record. Would be great to have that visual indication here as well.

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The only way that I have found to avoid duplicating already recorded movies in the IOS iPad app is the enter the movie under Search. If I have recorded the move, it appears in both Upcoming and Your Movies sections.

The web UI is different with green and orange circles. I use the web UI on the iPad to avoid duplicates.