Indicator in Grid Guide for Shows with passes (not scheduled to record)


Currently the Grid Guide Changes the color of the show when it has a Pass that is scheduled to record or IS recording, but there is nothing indicating that it has a Pass but is not scheduled to record. Maybe a ‘p’ in the upper right corner of the program name or a box with ‘Pass’ above the program description (at the end of the ‘New’ ‘DD5.1’ ‘DVS’ ‘CC’ etc. icons)


I’m curious why you want this? What would you use it for?


I currently have 60 passes and if anything like when I had a tivo, expect that list to get larger. Shows are seasonal, so it can be 6 months or more between seasons. When I see a show that I think should be recording, I at times will second guess myself and have to exit the guide, go to DVR, then Your Passes and finally scroll through the list to make sure I did create a Pass and that it is set correctly.

When you select a program that does have a pass and is not recording, it does not say ‘Manage Pass’, it says ‘Create Pass’ implying that you maybe do not have a Pass… when you select the option, only then does it give an indication of ‘Pause Schedule’

When Guide data is wrong, an indicator that you have a Pass and it is not scheduled for recording would help it to stand out. Hmm, I have a pass for that, why is it not recording? or Hmm, there is no pass indicator, yet I’m sure I set a pass for that!

If an episode recorded but was damaged or otherwise unwatchable and is deleted it does not record again, a Pass indicator would help to ferret out and allow forced recording of just the episode I’m looking for. I realize that search would also be a good thing for this, but I am thinking of an on the fly, not getting sidetracked type situation, while perusing the guide. I am recognizing that as I’m getting older, when I get sidetracked, I’m far less likely to return to the original task.

Initially I was surprised that it did not show that you had a pass. I don’t know why… do tivo’s indicate that in the guide? If they do, then that would be why. A simple ‘p’ or Pass indicator would help prevent a lot of micro management.


I agree this is confusing. It should say Manage