Infinite "retry" on antenna signal loss?

I noticed whenever one of my weaker OTA channels dips below the usable signal-strength and the Channels app eventually gives up and shows the "Weak Signal" alert, it won't try tuning again unless I do it manually. Is it possible to just keep trying forever so I don't have to continuously poke it during bad weather? Or have I missed a setting somewhere?

If it matters I'm using the non-DVR channels app (the pay version) with the DVR server (just joined DVR recently, been using Channels direct from tuner for years). This happens regardless of the presence of a DVR server.


Yeah, we've wanted to do that, but there are some aspects that are difficult. The way we deal with Live TV buffers does not allow for having missing segments in them. The reason why we don't auto-retry is because if you were behind in the buffer, it would be cleared when we reconnected.

Hm that's an interesting conundrum. For me personally I'd be fine with losing the live TV buffer since I'm going to anyway when I manually retry. Maybe a toggle in settings to cover both camps though.